– Eat everything!
Eating StigghiolaThere are enough Sicilian and Palermo-an delicacies not seen outside the island for you to eat a different meal 3 times a day for a month, no exaggeration. For this reason alone, you shouldn’t be playing it safe with steak and chips at any given moment. Ask waiters what the restaurant is known for, ask locals what they’re eating and where they got it. Get given your ice cream in a brioche bun rather than in a cone? Do like the locals do & stuff your face into it. See a food stand grilling lamb intestines? Jump right in. They go down best with some salt and lime squeezed on top. Also, don’t forget to hunt down a spleen burger. Thank me later.


cassataFood is without a doubt one of the best reasons to visit Sicily. Local gastronomy, combined with traditional street food, is among the richest and most renowned in Europe. In addition to the famous panelle, cassate and cannoli, Sicilian cuisine is composed of hundreds of delicious dishes, which certainly will not leave you disappointed.
In addition to many local restaurants, the center of Palermo also offers numerous kiosks and mobile stations, where you can find the typical street food, the best in Europe (and among the best in the world).
Choosing Palermo, as a place to visit also means eating everything. Palermo cuisine is just fantastic! Do not worry about trying something you don’t know, be brave and ask for the local specialties, you will surely be satisfied.


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