Palazzo Mirto is a marvelous example of a two centuries old nobleman’s mansion. Its original furnishing has been preserved perfectly, and that recreates a perfect 18th century atmosphere.

The palace as we know it was built in 1793 on some older buildings. Palazzo Mirto from the De Spuches family to the Filangeri, another noble family who lived in the palace until 1980. Then the building was donated to the Sicilian government, which still owns it as a museum.

A splendid 18th century portal, with the Filangeri’s family coat of arms, leads to an internal courtyard. Here is a magnificent marble staircase which leads to the upper floors, where the noble families lived originally.
On this floor the rooms are still preserved with their original furnishings. The most noteworthy are the Baldachin salon (enriched by some late 18th century allegorical frescoes), the Novelli Room (with a self-portrait of the Sicilian painter Pietro Novelli), the Chinese room, and the Arazzi (tapestry) Hall, with mythological paintings made by Giuseppe Velasco in 1804.

The other rooms, are all full of nice decorations and peculiar stories. One of this is related to the “Diana room”, where an Apollo statue hides a secret passage, maybe used by the servants to eavesdrop the rich masters.

Most of the rooms, have a beautiful view on the courtyard garden and its amazing Rococo fountain.


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